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Who do we Blame for This New Pandemic in KZN ?

The eThekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal says there has been an alarming rate of new HIV infections among girls and young women between 13 and 19-years old ~ SABCNEWS without responsibility, the young ladies they have more freedom, of doing whatever they want to do, they don't even listen to their parents. They end up getting into relationship with old people, the rise of poverty, selfish politicians who only want to fill their stomachs. The days which these kids will realize they are in worse situations, will be too late, they just want to enjoy their life or to feed themselves, who is to blame though

We are our own enemies as black people of KZN, when will we know it’s true the sins of fathers will be paid by the children. When are we going to end this viscous trend, and it affects black people the most, may the leaders nip the devil in the but because we know the culprits I don’t know why prevention targets young girls why not elder males. Cells should be filled if need be, but drastic steps should be taken. Services are there but uptake is very minimal, there are drugs that prevent HIV infection so this in 2021 shouldn’t be happening, but aslong as the ANC deploys anyone into posts I guess this is what they expect

Now that Corona is quite HIV is back, yet here the world is being forced to accept vaccinations for a disease with a 98% recovery rate, other diseases are killing people but it doesn't phase the powers that be, is it really about people's health, I doubt. What hurts most is that these girls are still young to be positive and I blame sugar daddies who take advantage of the kids, instead of protecting the girls they are the one hurting them

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