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How To Cure Stomach Ulcers Using Pawpaw Seeds

Stomach Ulcers are very dangerous, infact they can be deadly if not properly treated. If you have stomach Ulcers or know someone that does, this article may be useful to you.

Stomach ulcers are caused by the worms that end up biting the lining of our stomach because they have nothing to feed on, your stomach will then have wounds which may be difficult to heal on their own. These wounds lead to stomach Ulcers. 

If you don't have stomach Ulcers yet, the best way to ensure that you don't have them in future is to make sure you don't stay hungry for far too long because if worms don't find food on your stomach they will end up bitting the lining of your stomach, eat more often.

Here is the easiest way of curing ulcers. 

Put pawpaw seeds where they will get direct sun heat until they get dry, grind it smoothly until it becomes powder and then mix it with water and shake very well. Store your mixture in a cool dry place for about 24 hours.

You can now start drinking half a cup every morning and every night before you sleep, use the mixture until ulcer symptoms disappear.

If your mixture runs out while you still have the stomach ulcer symptoms, do not worry just repeat the steps over again until you feel well enough to stop.

Please follow Mlexie and share this article on social media platforms even if you are not suffering from stomach ulcers, by doing so you may actually help save a life. Thank you.

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