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Facts About The Human Body You Didn't know

We always seem to find new things about our bodies almost everyday; so I thought I should write a few fun facts about your body that you probably didn't even know!

According to Penguin Books these are fact about the human body:

1.You alone can produce saliva that can fill two bath tubs in a year! This means you produce about a litre of saliva in a day.Now I'm curious to know how much saliva babies can produce since they are always drooling! (LOL!)

2.Your ears never stop growing. This is confusing because the more you grow is the more you develop hearing disabilities! (crazy right?)

3.Earwax is known to be a type of sweat!

4.You are taller in the morning. As we all know we have cartilage in our bones, so it gets compressed during the day making you shorter than you were in the morning!

5.Your body has more than 600 muscles; the weakest one is called the stapedius muscle, located in the middle of your ear.

6.Fingernails grow faster than the toenails; I guess that's why we focus too much on the fingers than toes right?

7.Our bodies contain enough fat to make seven(7) bars of soap.

8.Same as the ears, the nose never stops growing!

9.When listening to music, your heartbeat syncs with the rhythm

10.A large amount of dust in your house is dead skin. As human we shed approximately 600 000 particles of skin every hour of the day, that's approximately 30 000 dead skin cells.

11.An eyelash lives for about 150 days before it falls off.

12.You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time. (I know you just tried it, interesting right?

13.In camera terms, our eyes are about 576 megapixels.

14.50% of your hand strength comes from your pinkie(your little finger)

15.The only muscle in your body that never gets tired is the heart.

Be sure to search more weird and interesting facts about the human body, there's a lot to learn about you every single day!

Happy learning!

Content created and supplied by: LeratoNogabe (via Opera News )

Penguin Books


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