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OPINION :Health of men over 40 years

Life changes according to different age at certain times.

Staying healthy or being healthy also means being fit and active, being capable of daily tasks, and physically able to reach your goals. 

It means an active social life and regular socialization to provide emotional fulfillment. 

During their 40s and 50s men bodies produce testosterone at declining rates. They begin to lose muscle mass and become more prone to weight gain.

Their risk of heart disease for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes increases.

Many men do not make their health a high priority in their lives.

The ailments that cause the most deaths and illnesses in men are either preventable or treatable.

Unfortunately, men are usually less willing than women to visit doctors for checkups or preventative care, to seek treatment during the early stages of an ailment or to seek mental health advice.

Men are also more likely to engage in risky behavior like drinking alcohol in excess, smoking tobacco and driving dangerously. Luckily, there are many easy steps that men can take to improve their health.

One of the main reasons is that men can be afraid to find out what is real wrong with them.

For many men, career, financial, and family pressures can make the 40s and 50s a very stressful time. And stress is a known risk factor for heart disease.

They really find it very difficult to reach some certain age without achieving anything in life whereas their peers becoming very successful in life.

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