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5 things that happen to your body when you hold your urine for a long time

The bladder is one of the organs that make up the urinary gadget, and it's miles chargeable for briefly keeping urine earlier than it is excreted from the body thru the urethra. The bladder is designed to hold approximately cups of urine and whilst it turns into stuffed halfway with urine, it sends a signal to the mind and the urge to urinate is felt. However, on occasion, going to urinate without delay we sense the urge is impossible and we might should hold the urine.

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The cause can be due to the fact we are busy at work, or no restroom is in sight, or there may be a selected part of a movie that is suspenseful we don't want to miss. Although there's no rule mentioning the how and when it is safe to pee, whilst we keep urine despite feeling the urge to urinate, what we are doing is to stretch out bladders to stretch, just to keep greater water than the ordinary 2 cups, which may be very risky whilst performed often.

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Whatever your motives are for holding urine, you could be sure that this sort of practice could have certain results on your body. Such effects are described underneath:

1. Pain

Always ignoring the urge to urinate might also cause you to experience pains for your bladder or kidneys. It can also reason you pain while you eventually urinate, and you could also revel in pelvic cramps.

2. Urinary tract infection

Holding your urine for too long can also motive "horrific" micro organism to multiply on your urinary tract, therefore leading to urinary tract contamination. Not consuming sufficient fluids also can purpose micro organism to spread through the urinary tract because the bladder does now not sign the frame to urinate sufficient.

Three. Bladder stretching

Over time, if you are fond of preserving your urine or not urinating on time, your bladder would stretch and it could make it tough for the bladder to agreement and launch urine commonly.

Four. Damage to pelvic ground muscles

Frequently protecting your urine might also harm the urethral sphincter, one of the muscle mass in the pelvic ground. The urethral sphincter allows keep the urethra closed and prevent urine from leaking out.

Five. Kidney stones

Holding your urine for lengthy may also purpose kidney stones, mainly in people who've a excessive mineral content material of their urine or the ones who have a history of kidney stones.

For the sake of your urinary machine, you have to eat certain foods which are considered correct for it. A few examples of them are highlighted beneath:

1. Eggs

2. Bananas

3. Green beans

four. Potatoes

5. Lean protein

6. Bread

7. Whole grains

8. Nuts

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