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Weight Lose

Here's how to lose weight by eating fatty food

The thought of eating fat still makes a lot of people cringe. For years, we have been told to eliminate fat from our diet for fear of weight gain, but the truth is, it hasn’t gotten us very far. Although we have been reaching for fat-free, low-fat and non-fat options, obesity rates continue to rise all over the world because the reality is that including fat in the diet is actually a good tool for weight loss.

The plan is basically to eat super low-carb, supposedly medium protein and high fat.

By fat we do not mean your burgers, potato chips and fries. It means you must consume natural fats from animals. For instant have your meat, chicken, avocados and coconut oil.

For this to work you must reduce starchy food such as bread, rice and potatoes. You can still make your experience to be fun, instead of cutting off everything you replace. If you want fried chicken you can use coconut oil instead of normal oil and etc.


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