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The myth behind Hello Kitty

Remember back then when Hello Kitty was still a trend?...Well apparently a certain legend from back in days says that the Hello Kitty wasn't created as a cartoon character but rather a deal from the devil.It is said that back then in 1970 , a Chinese women's only child was diagnosed with mouth cancer and the child was about to die as the Doctor could not do anything to help.The poor women went to every church ,thinking that she will be helped ,with no luck she was only left with one solution.Making a deal with the devil.

The poor women performed demonic and satanic rituals for her child to heal and tha's when the devil came to her.The devil asked only one in return of her daughter's health and that was to create an appealing creation that will attract both children and adults ,so that they can worship it by accepting it in their lives.The women agreed and once her daughter was free from cancer ,she created a cartoon character known as Hello Kitty as the price to the devil.

The kitty had no mouth as a symbol of her daughter's mouth cancer and Kitty means Demon which means that Hello Kitty means Hello devil.Many Satan worshipers used to have hello kitty as their tattoo to deceive people around them.The ears of the cat represented the horns of the devil.

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Chinese Hello Kitty Kitty


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