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Black seed oil is a cure they will not tell you about. Cancer and HIV people read this

They do have cure for cancer. Check this...why would they want to cure you when they can treat you for more money. They cure you and they lose a customer for good. Get your self a black seed oil or drink your Urine and get that thing out of your system once and for all.

Your first urine is the best, it doesn't matter what early in the morning is, drinking while is still warm from your body. If you vomit the first time, drink it the following morning before you brush your teeth\mouth. Your 6_9 is healthy than Panado, trust me

One doctor from Uganda who came with a concoction for Covid19 said " Pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of healing but of making money". He proved beyond reasonable doubt that his medicine can prevent and cure Covid19 but none of the big media houses took his story.

People must only drink their urine when they eating clean vegetables fruits and drink water

If they eat junk food poison food they will add more toxins into their system

Also try the boosters sir juice has come with ..they have cannibis oil in it will help a lot with strengthing the immune

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