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The 26-Year-Old Body Builder Who Carries His Heart In His Bag

Andrew Jones, who has an artificial heart, adds, "I thank God that I am alive." Whenever he travels, he always has his heart in his suitcase.

Jones became ill in 2012, experiencing breathing difficulties and eventually succumbing to heart failure. He may also cough up blood as a result of the increased discomfort.

In the following months, Andrew was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and underwent surgery as a result of this diagnosis. This is a condition that causes the cardiac muscles to deteriorate over time. A thickening and hardening of the heart occurs, causing it to grow, and these disorders have signs and symptoms as well as a treatment option available.

After contracting an infection, the heart loses its ability to pump blood into the body and begins to beat in a rhythm that is electric in nature, eventually leading to heart failure and irregular heartbeats, known as arrhythmias.

During under treatment, the device delivers compressed air into the ventricles, allowing blood to circulate throughout the body as a result of the compression.

Because of Andrew's physical weakness during his inspection, he couldn't stand up properly after a few of weeks. A heart transplant was recommended for him immediately because he would die in the next few hours without one.

Doctors were able to provide him with an artificial one, which he now keeps with him all the time. This prosthetic heart is attached to tubes that pump blood throughout his body, taking the place of his natural heart in this case.

Even though Andrew has returned to his gym since being discharged from the hospital, he continues to be in agonizing pain.

In regards to Andrew's heart ailment, he says, "It's something I'd never wish onto my worst enemy since it makes it impossible to breathe, think, or even sleep."

According to him, the sickness has an impact on both his bodily and emotional health, and it causes him to be down in the dumps.

"I wouldn't be able to stand for too long since I'll be uncomfortable," says the speaker.

Given that Andrew's health has deteriorated, we are praying for him and begging God to provide him a long and healthy lifespan.

Hopefully, he'll be back to normal in no time.

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