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New variant expected to breakout in South Africa in weeks time

Minister Phaahla stresses the importance of vaccination, as the more individuals who are vaccinated, the less opportunities there are for COVID19 variants to emerge.

Spreading misinformation is dangerous. Please be safe, avoid super spreader events, wear your mask, wash your hands properly & regularly, opt for ventilated spaces, get vaccinated against COVID-19, & opting to reduce trips to places with high human contact.

There's increase in COVID19 incidence across Gauteng, which is possibly fueled by cluster outbreaks. Work needs to be done to understand the significance of the. Vaccines remain critical.

They say there is a new Covid 19 variant in South Africa, Why was this variant not there at the peak of election campaignings? I really hope that they don't give us lockdown if they know what's good for them.

1. The vaccine was created last year, how many variants have we had in-between, can it still work.

2. There's 96%+ chance of recovery against COVID19, is vaccine necessary.

3. Why were there no hectic increases in covid numbers during campaigning.

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