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Here are the Covid-19 Statistics for Zimbabwe released in the early morning hours of Monday

Covid-19 still lives in communities and this is why there is a need for members of the public to be alert and avoid getting infected . Zimbabwe continued to record new infections and even fatalities as a result of the pandemic. As for the 16th of January 2022 , information that was released by the Ministry of Health and Child Care showed that there were 144 new Covid-19 cases that were identified .

This 144 took the cumulative number of infections to date to 226 078 . This represents the number of people that have tested positive for Covid-19 since 2020 . However , there were only three provinces that recorded above 20 positive Covid-19 daily cases on the 16th of January 2022. The province that had the highest number of cases was Mashonaland East which had 29 new cases .

Masvingo and Manicaland provinces both recorded 22 new cases on a single day . It was great to note that there were provinces that recorded less than 10 new daily infections . The province that recorded the lowest number in terms of daily infections was . Midlands with 3 new cases .

Other low cases that were recorded were in Mashonaland Central . This was because the province managed to record only 4 new daily cases . Masvingo and Bulawayo province only managed to record seven new cases each .It should be noted though that there are still active cases in Zimbabwe despite the low number of new infections .

To date , there are 13 729 active Covid-19 cases . There are only two provinces in the whole of Zimbabwe that have above 2000 active cases . It is Mashonaland East province , which is the province with the highest number of active cases on 2 882 , while Mashonaland West province has the second highest number of active cases , with 2582.


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