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3220 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours

South Africa is currently in the firing line and this was after the country publicly announced that there was new variant that seems to be mores stronger than the ones that we have experienced before. Some of the people who have been found to have this variant are those who have been vaccinated and some who have not been vaccinated.

People are mow asking what was the point of getting vaccinated because you might just get infected with he virus either way? Well what we do know is that the vaccine offers just a small protection and it is not even guaranteed. The only thing that the vaccine might do is to prevent you from the risk of getting seriously ill should you be infected and also reduces chances of hospitalization and possible death.

As for the number of cases, they continue to increase hence people are now starting to panic thinking that we might just end up having to move to level 5 lockdown.

The new cases recorded in the last 24 hours is 3220 and the number of death is 8 taking the death toll to 89 791. The positivity rate is now at 9.2% with active cases now standing at 21 674. All the other provinces are also starting to pick up speed with number of new cases but Gauteng remains at the top of the list of the highest cases being recorded in a single day.

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