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Carbonated Drinks

Kidney failure Can Kill: 3 Types Of Foods You Eat Often That Are Destroying Your Kidney

The kidney is one of the body's most vital organs, and it should be given proper attention. However, there are certain things that you consume on a regular basis that are damaging your kidneys. I'm going to tell you about some of the foods that are causing kidney damage in this article.

a. Refined food

Processed food is the first thing that wreaks havoc on your kidneys each and every day. Many individuals regularly consume processed foods, which include high levels of salt and phosphorus from the preservatives needed to keep them fresh. The kidneys are harmed by these substances.

2. Fried foods

Fried food is another culprit for kidney damage. High fat accumulation in fried food causes kidney damage. They include bean cakes (akara), potatoes, fried plantains and many more items that are deep-fried to perfection

3. Sugary and carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks and foods heavy in sugar are two more things that damage your kidneys on a daily basis. The consumption of these meals on a daily basis leads to weight gain and renal impairment.

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