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What To Do If You Are Asthmatic And How To Prevent An Attack

Asthma is a common respiratory problem characterized by narrowing of the lungs and increased mucus production. When this happens, it is difficult to breathe.

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 Allergies, cold viruses, medications, dust, chemicals, exercise and emotions are just some of the factors that can cause asthma.

 Asthma Attack No breathing What to do


 • Coughing is worse at night or in the morning.

 • Tightness in the chest.

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 • Having a fast heartbeat.

 • The presence of congestion.

 • Itching, itching or sore throat.

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 If you are allergic, have a family member with asthma, are sensitive to air pollution or are exposed to smoking, they may show signs of asthma. If so, call your doctor or make an appointment.

 • You have a cough, scream or trouble breathing.

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 • You believe you need more medicine than your doctor tells you to.

 • Keep at least 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius).

 • You have a white or opaque mucus, or it is too thick to draw.

 • Practice tremors, confusion, anxiety, upset stomach or poor taste due to your medication.

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 • You cannot participate in regular activities or exercise.

 How to prevent asthma attacks

 • Always carry your asthma medicine with you. Even if your symptoms go away, continue to take the prescribed medication.

 • Stay away from cigarettes, pipes and cigarette smoke.

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 • Avoid foods, medications, and other things that trigger asthma symptoms. These are referred to as triggers.

 • Stay away from people who have the flu or flu.

 • Rest and drink plenty of fluids first.

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 • Breathe in cold temperatures, with a towel or other blanket.

 • Consult your doctor about lung strengthening exercises.

 • Reduce your stress level.

 Asthma is a debilitating and uncomfortable condition. Avoid triggers.

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