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Bed time drink to remove belly fat in a week

Fat burning drinks | Home made drinks to help lose belly fat with detailed pictures. an easy simple hot beverage drink for a healthy and aleffective way to reduce belly fat and eventually reduce body weight.These homemade beverages are not only easy to prepare but also refreshing to drink for day to day use. apart from reducing tummy fat they are reach in antioxidants hence these can also be used as detox drinks amd improve the health of the liver.

 Best simple Lemon water is extremely useful in reducing weight gain belly fat as well as loosing weight drink 20 to 30 minutes before break fast

Cinnamon tea,thyroid tea, pcos tea, diabetes tea, Cinnamon tea for hormonal imbalance have this weight loss tea in the morning and at bed time honey should be added once the tea is warm and not hot you can have double quantity and refrigerate it without adding honey

Some of the beverages below can be used to fight the belly fat

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