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3220 Coronavirus Cases Recorded

South Africa has recorded 3220 cases of coronavirus. This is an increase from the total number of cases recorded the previous day. They have also recorded a total of 8 deaths related to covid-19 complications.

The total number of cases recorded since the beginning of coronavirus is 2958548. The total number of deaths that have been recorded 89 791.

A total of 19338834 people have been tested for cocid 19 to reach to these statistics. These statistics only contain individuals that have actually gone for testing because of symptoms they had suffered.

There is a possibility that these numbers are higher but are not recorded because they are not in the system.

The number of cases recorded is scary and it shows that the fourth wave might be fast approaching.

People are still wildly asked to get vaccinated and to stay safe and follow coronavirus protocols in order to reduce the numbers.

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