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JJ COVID-19 vaccine has bad news

CAPE TOWN - There have been occurrences of hospitalization and excessively touchy reactions in some clinical benefits workers who got the Johnson and Johnson counter acting agent, Teacher Linda-Gail Bekker, asserted to IOL. 

Regardless, Bekker, who is a co-lead for the clinical starter, said that the negative reactions were normal and sensible 

"A couple of individuals have been hospitalized. Some have been for irrelevant afflictions. For those which have had an ominously vulnerable reaction and have been hospitalized for safeguard reasons have all been conveyed without sequelae," said Bekker. 

"Hardly any people have had more extraordinary hypersensitivities. Generally a headache, sore arm and a bit of fever and exhaustion in specific people for a day or two, it is self limiting all around. We have not seen any associated extraordinary hostile events," she said." 

Do for clinical consideration workers started at the Khayelitsha Area Medical clinic in February, with the Johnson and Johnson immune response completed as an element of a phase 3b examination, to gather additional data towards gaining regulatory force underwriting. 

The Johnson and Johnson jab has been seemed to bring to the table 57% affirmation against moderate to outrageous Coronavirus defilements achieved by a more infectious new variety, the 501Y.V2 in any case called B.1.351, which implies 90% of cases in the country. 

So unquestionably more than 107,000 clinical benefits workers have successfully gotten this single-punch inoculation as an element of the advancing execution study. 

Bekker moreover referred to that there is a lot of energy from all clinical consideration workers to be vaccinated. 

"We have had the choice to move people gainfully through our vaccination networks we are in excess of 100 000 clinical consideration workers inside the principle month," she said. 

Most fundamental outcomes from the Johnson and Johnson inoculation are: 

In the arm where you got the shot: 




All through the rest of your body: 


Cerebral agony 

Muscle torture 





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