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You Have A Week To Get Your First Shot, If You Want To Beat A February Vaccine Mandate

A huge stir has been caused on social media after it has been revealed that vaccines may become mandatory next year February. This is been most people's worst fear that they may be forced to vaccinate in the near future. People feel like their rights are being taken away from them and they deserve to have a say with what they do with their bodies. It is quite said that sooner or later a lot of people are going to be forced to vaccinate by circumstances surrounding them.

Many places will start denying unvaccinated people access, imagine if you are sick and you need to be vaccinated in order to get medical attention. This will leave many people without an option. Assuming it takes South Africa until the end of January to impose a vaccine mandate for public spaces, you have a week left to get a first dose of Pfizer and qualify as fully vaccinated.

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