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You Will Not Believe Which Are The Foods That Do Not Allow You To Have A Flat Stomach.

You will be surprised at the foods that I will talk about today, it is all about that food that is very healthy and that we combine into our diet while we commit to lose weight and have flat belly. It really is weird to think that something healthy and rich could have an effect on our body and more in an uncomfortable way, because let’s be honest!

We all hate that feeling of having an inflamed stomach and abdominal pain. The most important thing is that you discover how healthy foods behave in our body, that is why we must go one food at a time, to know if we're sensitive to each of them.

Remember that the passage of food through the abdominal intestine takes up to 24 hours, once you start to see how your body behaves each time you eat them, you will find out which ones are best for you. If you discover that one of them inflames you and affects you in a way that you do not want, you can always look for different alternatives, remember that we have plenty of options to change, combine and enjoy healthy eating.

1. Broccoli

This is a vegetable with high levels of antioxidants and an incredible ally to prevent cancer, but, if consumed raw, these will cause us uncomfortable intestinal gas and increase our abdominal inflammation. Try cooking them a little, do not overdo the cooking, so they do not lose all those nutrients that contribute to our body.

2. Onion and garlic

These are foods that can trigger heartburn, causing distension of the same, making you feel heavy and with a little nausea, remember that everything in excess is bad, and surely these options are for your body. To eat them in a moderate way, and well cooked, is the most recommended. If you do not feel good after consuming them, you can replace them with spinach, zucchini or mushrooms, which are also very tasty options.

3. Turkey

Although the turkey is one of the healthy recommendations, it is meat that although digested quickly, generates many gases, so your body can be affected. You can pick out other protein substitutes such as: fish, egg and chicken, whatever you like, the idea is that you feel good.

4. Corn

This is a dangerous ingredient, in this article, you can delve into its characteristics and how they can affect your health. Corn generates a lot of stomach pain, because of the difficulty of digesting it. In addition to distend your abdomen and inflame it. You can usually change it for brown rice, potatoes (no more than 100 grams) and oats.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is not an option if you need to lose weight, not even wine (learn here why). I recommend you get rid of it completely from your diet and that the excesses of the weekend do not delay your process.

The foods noted above are also superb options for composing your daily diet, but you should be aware of the adverse effects that may occur. Not all women have these discomforts, so if you are one of them, feel lucky.

Advise yourself on the options with which you can replace these ingredients, and remember that all organisms are different, some are much more delicate, some suffer from allergies and there will be others who have the fortune of being a little more stable.

What you must not forget is that everyone, that we have all gone through situations as uncomfortable as having a full stomach, bloated and with that feeling of gas in the body, that is why we must take care of ourselves, know the ideal for every one.

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