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SA Covid-19 Statistics : There were 3789 new cases on Friday

There was a decrease in regard to the new Covid-19 cases on Friday . There was a decrease to 3 789 cases on Friday , in comparison to what was the case on Thursday evening which was above 4000. The number of cases that have been detected since the year 2020 when the pandemic was detected for the first time in 2020 now stands at 3 598 288 . This goes on to show how severe the pandemic has been in the country .

There were 35 806 Covid-19 tests that were carried out in the previous 24 hours , taking the total number to 22 195 053 . The positivity rate stood at 10.6% on Friday evening . In accordance with the statistics that were delivered by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases , South Africa now has active cases as much as 67 178 . The active number of Covid-19 cases continues to decrease on a daily basis . This is as the number of recoveries continue to increase. The number of recoveries as of the 28th of January stood at 3 436 326 .

Still with the information that was shared by the institution , it was sad to note that there were 47 people who had died from the pandemic .The number of deaths in South Africa that have come as a result of Covid-19 related sicknesses now stands at 94 784 .

This figure is not only there as part of statistics , but it serves as a reminder that the pandemic still continues to cause more harm . The 94 784 people who have died since 2020 wanted to make it into the future , but it was cut short by the pandemic . Share how you have manged to be still alive in the midst of a deadly pandemic .What is your secret ?

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