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Use Bitter Leaf And Treat These 20 Health Issues

The antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial qualities of Bryophyllum Pinnatum, also known as Leaf of Life, make it a popular choice for herbal remedies. Some may be surprised to learn that just one leaf of this plant may treat more than two dozen different ailments. To learn more about how this leaf can help with a variety of health conditions, read on for a look at 20 of them.

In order to treat wounds, gently warm the leaf by applying mild heat to it. Crush the leaves and tie the wound with a piece of string. It speeds up the healing process and gets rid of the scar.

Eating this leaf on a regular basis benefits heart health, particularly in the elderly.

Extract the juice from the leaves and drink it twice a day for common colds and coughs, which are not life-threatening.

4) To alleviate symptoms of a fever: this leaf contains Antipyretic properties that alleviate fever. To consume, simply squeeze the juice off the leaf. Don't forget to cool off if you're overheating in the office.

5) Drinking a tea brewed from this leaf twice day can help diabetics manage their condition.

Grind the dried leaf into fine powder and mix it with water to alleviate constipation.

The leaves of this plant can be used as a tea to purify the blood of toxins and promote health.

8) For the treatment of boils, apply gentle heat to the leaves. The poultice should be crushed and applied to the affected region.

Urinary disease: 5ml juice of its leaves should be given to a patient with any urinary disorder.

Simply drink the leaf extract twice a day to alleviate piles.

11) For newborns with teething problems: this leaf of life can provide significant alleviation to babies who are experiencing pain for the first time.

For the eradication of worms from the intestines, this leaf is beneficial due of its Anthelmintic action. Take a leaf decoction twice a day.

Grind seven leaves into a poultice for bug stings. Apply the poultice to the affected region in an equal manner. Morning and night, use a fresh poultice.

In the treatment of jaundice and enhancement of liver health, a tea made from the leaves of this plant can be used

15) Preventing grey hairs: Regular usage of the miracle leaf can considerably reduce the occurrence of gray hairs that are not related to aging. It also helps to keep the scalp healthy.

16) Cumin seeds and the juice of the plant's leaves are used to treat bleeding diarrhea.

If you have dysentery, mix the leaf extract with honey and consume it as a remedy.

A basic bronchial problem can be cured by eating the leaves raw or creating a herbal tea from them.

19) For Rheumatoid Arthritis, warm the leaves and apply on the affected areas twice daily to alleviate the discomfort.

Swellings and abscesses can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of this leaf. Apply the leaf paste to the area where swellings are present.


Add three leaves to one cup of boiling water. 3 minutes of simmering time is sufficient.

Allow to cool for three minutes after removing from heat.

Add 1 to 2 table spoons of organic honey after removing tea leaves from the pot.

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Bryophyllum Pinnatum Leaf of Life


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