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“You Can Do Whatever You Like, I Am Not Taking Your Vax, And Am Not Sick” — Angry Lady

An angry lady said that regardless of what the government does, she will not take the Covid-19 vaccine, declaring that her natural immune system is strong and is helping her fight off diseases. She said that the government can cook up as many viruses and variants they like, but she is not taking the vaccine. Furthermore, the lady disclosed that many of her friends and colleagues who are fully vaccinated are either down with flu like symptoms or they are having severe muscle aches, declaring that she is not ready to pass through all that hassles. She declared that the government could be inflating the figures to frighten people into accepting the Covid-19 Vaccine and may be to have a justification to impose another lockdown during the festive season. The lady who was visibly angry said that everything looks scripted, planned and being carefully executed stage by stage.

She said it is of no use that the government is trying to force vaccine on people in this modern world when people are supposed to have freedom to choose whatever is best for them. She narrated that for now, she is not sick, and she will not be sick, saying that most hospitalized people are the fully vaccinated ones. Furthermore, she again wrote, “Am not dead of hospitalized not even sick, tested negative 3 times, my natural immune system are fighting my battles am very, very strong and healthy for now, Those numbers are for fully vaccinated people, my colleagues especially those fully vaccinated are home with flu symptoms, muscle, and throat pain”. This is coming after it was announced that, “[BREAKING NEWS] SA records 11,535 new COVID-19 cases, 44 deaths”. Anti-vaxxers are making jest of the figures, saying that the government knows what they are doing. They argue that all through the election, the government never talked about variants, but after the election, they are coming up with different stories, declaring that they are not fools.

Another youth declared that the government has a plan, and they are assiduously working towards that plan. He wrote on his Twitter handle that the government should not think that South Africans do not know their plan. He said, “The target is reaching 20 000 cases and at least 100 deaths before 16th December so that the government can justify the imposition of another lockdown”. Some South Africans said that they will drag the government to court if they are forced to take the coronavirus vaccine against their own will. 

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