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Benefits of using rainwater to get rid of bad spirits traditional healer shares them see here. opinion.

People go through a lot and they ask themselves why their things are not going well, only to find out that they are being attacked by evil spirits. Some people don't believe in those things as they feel that as a person there is a time when you have to go through tough times and challenges, but when the time goes on things will get better.

Of which is true yes in life we face a lot of difficult things and when the time goes on they do get better. But for some people have been going through the same challenge for years now hoping that things will get better but nothing is changing even today they are still going through the same thing.

That's why it's important that sometimes you have to stand up and change how you do things, and sometimes you won't even have to go to anyone for help or pay a lot of money to get your problems fixed.

Social media is a place where you can get help, we have people who share things you can do to help you with your problems. A traditional healer took to her social media account to share the benefits of using rain water to get rid of evil spirits.

Going through the comments it looks like a lot of people have tried this remedy and it worked for them. The most important put is to use pure rain water, meaning don't take the water that comes from the roof when it's raining. But take your bucket or whatever you will be using to collect your water and put it in the center when it's raining.

Because the water that comes from the roof is dirty to drink or for other use for that matter.

And just to add on that you can also use rain water mixed with holy ash, just add 2 spoons of holy ash into your rain water and then bath with it, and pray while bathing.

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