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Positive reactions, get vaccinated to get certificate.

many people in south Africa feels Like their right's have not been respected by the government, this is because of The government making demands and targets of how many people they want to vaccine.

They feel like they have no choice but to get vaccinated this comes after major companies that provides jobs for a large number of people also making demands that their member's must be vaccinated.

But the African national congress says that they are not forcing anyone get vaccinated it should be the person's choice to go and get vaccinated, what they are doing as government is to try to protect as much as they can, with different measures that they have implemented to fight covid19, they believe that their strategy is working and many people will be protected.

As the government have mentioned before is that the lives of the people comes first, many people say that their freedom will be taken by the covid 19 certificate that people must have in order to access certain places, people are not comfortable with the covid 19 certificate, but it looks like they have no choice but to get vaccinated and be able to have the vaccine certificate.

What can happen if a person does not get vaccinated as the research was conducted is that the person who ddnt vaccinate gives the virus more chance to circulate and get to The other people.

So for the government it is better to get vaccinated before it gets to late, having the vaccine gives you more chance to be stronger when you are infected by the covid19'virus.

The government want people to know That the government cannot kill its own people and it is important for the government to protect everyone in the country.

The measures that were implemented by the government are regarded as solid to fight covid19, they are regarded as the best measures that will protect more people.

The government is aware that there's still some negative influence about getting vaccinated which prevents more people to get vaccinated, the measure of Getting vaccinated according to The government gives people more freedom as they will be able to travel to other countries, this means that no restrictions will be on your side, but to.those who decide not be vaccinated it is still unclear what are the other measures which are to be implemented to protect them.


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