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OPINION| How did the UK have omicron variant as they banned flights from infected countries ?

Who cares instead of scrambling around to try vaccinate people why don’t they focus on antiviral meds available for everyone. Maybe just maybe that way economies will thrive or stay open, jobs won’t be lost, riots won’t happen, people won’t be divided, and we can all go back to normality instead of being bullied in to something we don’t want. Makes sense right in which case why is the government doing this? They had it all along but kept quiet to avoid being blamed. I dont think all those positive cases are originally from SA, Our scientists should learn to keep quiet next time

To be honest we tired of hearing stuff like this that doesn't help us with nothing but stress instead of informing us of serious issues, of how our people go hungry and losing jobs because of the stupid lockdown after lockdown. In all this Omicron variant do you still know that this world is belong to God alone? There's no smoke without fire something fishy is under all this and 1 day is 1 day God is will reveal all the secrets soon or later, watch the space


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