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Covid19 and vaccine certificates mandate takes a new turn

The vaccines don't work. Look what is happening in Israel! Large maturity of hospitalised are fully vaccinated. Natural immunity is stronger than vaccine immunity and it protects against variants.Then why the Vaccine Certificate.

South Africa does not need entire population vaccinated against Covid19 to return to normalcy.

South Africa does not need vaccine certificates/passports to return to normalcy.We need to rid ourselves of the treacherous government leaders to return to normal.

Remember the field hospitals that government build at the start of the pandemic in 2020?

Do you think government would have shut down those field hospitals if Covid19 was really a crisis?

Natural immunity is stronger than vaccine immunity; Natural immunity protects against variants; According to studies, about 80% of South Africans had Covid19 and will most probably have natural immunity against the virus.

The majority of people hospitalised with Covid19 in Israel are fully vaccinated; Government leaders, scientists and media are ignoring NATURAL IMMUNITY; People who recover from Covid19 have natural immunity;

There's no scientific evidence that proves that lockdowns slow or prevent the spread of Covid19; Covid19 vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission of Covid19; Immunity from Covid19 vaccines wanes rapidly and is weak against variants;

Scientific evidence has informed us that:

Covid19 is not as deadly as we all feared. Covid19 death rate is lower than TB's. 54 000 die of TB every year. 240 000 die of various diseases every year. On average 450 000 ppl die in SA every year.

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