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Dark cloud looming over the Bhengu's, see who will die

Nokubonga has been adamant that she deserves a stake at Maluju oil meaning she wanted to disrespect her husband's last wish. Ngcolosi purposely left nothing for his unfaithful wife of which I do not blame him, there was no way I would also leave the money I put sweat and energy to for a woman who was busy making babies with my brother behind my back Nkululeko is more than upset that Mazulu is slowly stealing the company from him right under his watch. She was not supposed to have even 1% stake of Maluju oil and now she is a majority shareholder making her the CEO.

She bought the 25% shares from Phakade and the court granted her with 37 % after contesting her late husband's estate Nkululeko obviously saw that the easiest way for him to get his shares back is by killing Nokubonga or he could not stand watching her doing a good job as a CEO especially after the Oleska deal

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Maluju Ngcolosi Nokubonga Phakade


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