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Best weight loss tips in the world

weight loosing can be one of the hardest work one can do.

I struggled with loosing weight untill I came across a weight loss group on social media called water fasting. believe me Its one of the best group I came across. I studied it and watched videos about water fasting and it really is the best thing to do if you really want to loose weight.

People fast for many days, someone once fasted for 368 days and he lost a good amount of weight.

They are different ways of fasting for weight loss. And it depends on the amount of weight you want to loose, you can go for eight hours a day and some go for days without eating for weight loss.

I am now on day eight of my water fast and I have lost 9 kg of weight from 93 kg and now I am on 84 kg mark, I am planning on going for 30 days and i am doing good now.

I decided to create a group on water fasting, we will be guiding each other on this journey.

If you are struggling with weight loss then please join us on watsapp by using the following link.

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