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AstraZeneca vaccine side effects: Four new side effects reported – EMA issues major update

It's difficult to recall a previous public health catastrophe that necessitated worldwide cooperation as much as the delivery of Covid vaccinations. As new varieties arise, millions of lives are on the line in mostly low-income nations. As more arms are injected around the world, new vaccine side effects are being reported.

Side effects that are more immediate

It's usual to have a variety of symptoms right after getting vaccinated.

Some people have reported a sudden feeling of cold with shivering/shaking, possibly with sweating, headache (including migraine-like headaches), nausea, muscle aches, and feeling unwell, starting within a day of receiving the vaccine and usually lasting for a day or two, according to Public Health England (PHE).

“If you have a high fever that lasts more than two or three days, or if you have other persistent symptoms, this may not be attributable to vaccination side effects, and you should seek medical advice based on your symptoms,” recommends PHE.

The following are uncommon side effects:

Feeling sleepy or dizzy

Appetite decreases

Pain in the abdomen

Lymph nodes that have grown in size

Sweating excessively, itchy skin, rash, or hives.

COVID-19 immunizations are the most effective strategy to safeguard yourself and others.

Vaccines have been demonstrated to help:

Reduce your chances of being seriously ill or dying as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a virus that can be caught or spread. Protect yourself from COVID-19 variants.

The COVID-19 vaccines that have been licensed for use in the United Kingdom have satisfied stringent safety, quality, and efficacy criteria.

Even if you have a vaccine, you could still contract COVID-19 or spread it to others.


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