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Meet Lebo Moatshe who successfully removed HIV from a sperm cell. She is our only hope

Meet Lebo Moatshe from South Africa who successfully removed HIV from a sperm cell in a lab which is a huge medical breakthrough. She has done 20 semen decontamination procedures (removing HIV from semen) so far & managed to successfully remove the virus from all semen samples

We didn't protect Dr Sebi where are we today we dying like flies.If we have real millionaires or billionaires in this country they would protected her by now or if Africans really really love each other they would do something to protect her from vultures.This is huge Achievement

She didn’t say this is the first time that what she did, was done( breakthrough). Instead, it was her first time. Dr Fourie & Others have published a paper about this in 2015. Let us celebrate her individual achievement.


We're the solutions to the world's problems. Don't let anyone tell you different.

We just need to start taking responsibility for the future we so desperately need.

Imagine what could happen if more of our young people are given the chance to explore their calling.

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