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Letting the sniffer dogs out.

Several studies have shown that dogs are capable of being trained to sniff out the oudor of Corona virus and they can be used to as reliable screening tools. A Kempton Park Kanine company in Ekuruleni is in the final stages of training its pooches to sniff out the Corona virus. eNCA's Barry Baitman has more.

If all goes according to plan they will e ready to start sniffling before the feared third wave.A nose like this is capeble of sniffing out the faintest of drugs or explosives.

Now they have been trained to sniff out an unseen threat that grip the world. Several studies have found that. Dogs are capable to sniff out the oudor of the Corona virus.

And that they can be used as reliable screening tools. These methods are already being used in other parts of the world.

Now it is happening on home soil. One of the Labradors being trained using narcotic samples. While wraps Kanine law I for cement don't have deactivated virus samples,. But the conditioning rains the same.

It is important to make it safe for the dogs and the handlers, that is why medical practitioners need to be involved. eNCA's reporter Barry Baitman filed this report.

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