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A guide to choosing the right yoga mat for home workouts

Yoga gives one different physical, psychological well-being and prosperity benefits, and fortunately it requires a little interest in hardware contrasted with different types of activity.

A yoga mat is one of the most adaptable basics you really want to have, particularly in these difficult occasions where the consistency of rec centers opening or shutting is boundless.

Rehearsing on a yoga mat permits one to appropriately perform various stances while staying protected and liberated from superfluous burdens, for example, slipping or encountering torment from awkward body support.

Regardless of whether you are an in-your-face yogic or somebody going to leave on your wellness venture, a yoga mat will assist you with lifting your presentation and keeps torments and hurts under control.

Pallav Bihani, Founder Of Boldfit, shares a few hints on the most proficient method to choose the best mat for your home exercises:


There are a few yoga mats in the market with fluctuating thicknesses. You really want to factor in solace, conveyability, and security before you slender down on couple of items. In the event that you love the additional padding or are buying for senior residents, decide on mats with 10-12 mm thickness.

While assuming you are somebody who loves to interface with the ground while you move starting with one asana then onto the next, then, at that point, a yoga mat with a standard thickness of 6mm is the best fit for you. Deciding on anything beneath the 10-6 mm thickness range will not give you the advantages of strength, solace, and padding that you are considering in.


Size is one of the main elements when paying special attention to a yoga mat. 183cm by 61cm is the standard size on the lookout, which is all that anyone could need to play out every one of the asanas and activities. In the event that you are tall or huge height astute, you ought to choose a bigger mat.

Consider how much room and compactness is additionally needed prior to fixing the size of the yoga mat. Conveyability is a pivotal part of buying a yoga mat; purchasing an enormous yoga mat that you can't haul around effectively invalidates the point. On the other side, buying a little one will have your appendages contacting the ground.


The surface of the yoga mat is very fundamental for legitimate developments. The yoga mat's surface gives foothold and forestalls slipping; everybody has various inclinations: a few like their mats with fabricated surface, while some lean toward a smooth padded mat.


This may be an astounding one, yet individuals who perform yoga routinely know the significance of tenacity in a mat. A tacky yoga mat will hold you back from sliding out of control and assist you with keeping up with your arrangement as you move starting with one posture then onto the next, just as when you hold asanas. Ensure you buy a mat that gives a perfectly measured proportion of tenacity for you.


To wrap things up, factor in the material when intending to buy a yoga mat for your home exercises. Most spending plan yoga mats are made of reused plastic like EVA or PVC, leaving a dreadful scent and can cause skin sensitivities. Albeit these are yoga mats, they are not enhanced for execution to play out an asana that might require your mat to hold your grasp during the development.

On the off chance that presentation is one of your disturbing boundaries, TPE material is the ideal counterpart for you. TPE yoga mats give you the certainty and quality to play out your activity, while going on for quite a long time without corrupting in nature. This is the ideal venture you can make in your wellness.

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