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14-year-old Eastern Cape student faces amputation after taking Covid-19 vaccine. See what happened

Covid-19 came and spread like a veld fire over the last two years. 

This prompted scientists come up with a quick vaccine. The vaccine is credited for the slump in spread. 

Many health conscious people questioned whether the vaccine was safe or not.

It has now been reported that a 14-year old Yamkela Seplan from Tina Falls Primary School in Qumbu in the Eastern Cape is facing a possible arm amputation after she allegedly received a COVID-19 vaccination.

It is alleged that Seplan's arm has been swelling ever since she got the shot and it all started with a lump. 

She is no longer attending school as she has had to drop out because of the pain from the swelling. 

This is a young girl whose ambitions to become a social worker. The COVID-19 vaccine is alleged to have threatened this young girl’s dream. It is alleged that she was forced get the vaccination, if not she would not be registered as a learner.

An amputation now seems as the only solution and this is such a painful story. 

read more about this devastating story on the link below.


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