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Wonders Shall Never End — Ice-cream In China Test Positive To Coronavirus

Ice-cream in China have been testing positive to Coronavirus. According to Sky News, three samples collected from ice-creams were tested, and they all tested positive to Coronavirus. This is coming as a surprise to many people. Recall that late last year, pawpaw also tested positive to Coronavirus and many people do not believe. However, according to Sky News, the test carried out in China on the ice-cream with three different samples shows that it had Coronavirus.

Many people have been to ask to be very careful and mindful of their health, especially now that the second wave of Coronavirus is ravaging the whole world. The devastating effects of this second wave is being felt more than the first wave in many countries around the world. In Africa, the pandemic is wrecking havoc in many countries especially South Africa and Nigeria also.

Though many people, as usual, dismissed the information as fake and meant to frighten people, such theories are expected after all, many people still do not believe that Coronavirus is real despite the millions of deaths being recorded across the globe. Some have dismissed everything as conspiracy theories. Since the information was shared by Sky News, then it is very much reliable.

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