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A shocker: She was forced to get the Vaccine on Saturday. Look what her legs were doing on Sunday.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the reason why the world has been divided into two halves. People are scared of being administered with the vaccines and others approve them. It is a dilemma that cannot be resolved by anything, since religion, culture, education level and beliefs contribute a lot in the decision making of the population. To date the pandemic still exists, it is nearly impossible to eradicate this deadly disease, since people are frightened by the vaccines. It is heartbreaking, as laws are implemented by countries in trying to get it's people on the vaccination programme. Those who are already vaccinated shared their stories, and some of these stories are traumatizing. The world is watching and those who survived the vaccine’s severe side effects, encourages others to participate. 

Without a doubt, some people could tell that vaccines are doing damage to others. Leaders and scientists who advocate for these vaccines only talk good about them, and they never mention the side effects of these vaccines. Just like any medication you take, vaccines have side effects, and they differ from person to person. The metabolism of people are different, others are good at tolerating these vaccines and have no side effects at all. A couple of people came forward and complained that they were victims of the side effects of vaccines. Most probably there are death cases that resulted as severity of the side effects of the vaccines. 

In this video, a lady is experiencing one of the worst side effects a person can face. She was forced by her employer to get vaccinated or she was going to lose her job. Having a phobia for losing her Job, she decided to get vaccinated over the weekend. On Saturday she was administered with Pfizer Vaccine, and it did not take 24 hours, before she suffered tremor of the legs. Her lower limbs are shaking and showing no signs of slowing down. A traumatic experience. People are in fear to get Pfizer vaccine, after what they have witnessed on twitter.


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