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"THIS" Miraculous Oil Prevents All DISEASES: Save And Make It Yourself (RECIPE)

This phenomenal oil is rich in vitamins A, E, C and K. Fresh oil contains more than 60 percent of unsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for the health of the organism.

It also contains B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids - omega 6 and 9, minerals (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium) and trace elements (iron, zinc, manganese). It also contains lecithin, proteins and salicylic acid. It is a pumpkin oil, and when you find out how healthy it is, you will want to consume it every day.

Pumpkin oil treatment gives the best results in the following health problems:

- regulates the problem of an enlarged prostate

- treats urinary tract infections in men and women

- improves sperm quantity and quality

- regulates blood cholesterol levels

- helps with cardiovascular diseases

- helps with irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal parasites

- promotes normal kidney function

 improves the immune system

- has a positive effect on vision

- has a positive effect on mood

- reduces burns and various skin diseases

- has a beneficial effect on the complexion

- has a beneficial effect on stopping hair loss

Here's how to make pumpkin

Oil yourself: Only pumpkin seeds are used to make this oil. It is best to take "Styrian" seeds.

Arrange the seeds in a pan so that they are not on top of each other until you cover the bottom. Then put the pan in the oven, which you have previously heated to 60 degrees, and bake for three to four minutes.

Then take out the seeds and put them in the press to drain the oil. If you do not have access to the press under high pressure, you can squeeze the seeds by hand, but less efficiently, using a mortar and pestle, in which case it should be strained through gauze. If you use the seeds of another type of pumpkin, it is necessary to peel them before squeezing.

 The oil should be stored in clean glass containers, it should be dark green in color, and it can also be dark reddish, if you have used the seeds of another type of pumpkin.

How to use pumpkin oil for therapeutic purposes?

The oil should be taken for three months: two tablespoons twice a day (in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with dinner).

It is very important not to interrupt the therapy during the first weeks when the unpleasant symptoms related to urination disappear, but to continue the therapy for at least the next six weeks. The cessation of unpleasant symptoms will happen after a few days or weeks, because pumpkin oil has an antibacterial effect that will successfully stop inflammatory processes, but that does not mean that the process of prostate enlargement has stopped.

It takes a long time for the active ingredient of pumpkin oil, delta 7-sterol, to do its part, and that is the suppression of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, whose overproduction is causing the problem.

Use of pumpkin oil for preventive purposes

Two tablespoons of pumpkin oil a day, one with breakfast and the other with dinner.

Pumpkin oil should be stored in a dark and cool place in a well-sealed bottle or jar. After opening, it would be best to store the oil in the refrigerator.


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