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So much money for just taking vaccine ? I smell something else here - Opinion

Things are getting more interesting day by day. This vaccination thing is also becoming more interesting as days goes by. At first there we companies who threatened their employees that if they are not vaccinated they will kiss goodbye to their jobs but that was dismissed by the president. As he first said that no one will be forced to take the vaccine but also encouraged citizens to take vaccine to protect themselves for dying from this deadly virus

It says that you could just walk away with a lump sum of R3 million if you took a vaccine in this month of October and also they will do the same in the month of November and December

The bank wants to "encourage our customers to consider getting vaccinated not only for their own health benefits but for the good of the economy and the society at large", said FNB's Life division CEO Lee Bromfield in a statement announcing the competition on Thursday.

Questions are that is this true or it's just a trap ? We don't have all the answers. It's hard to believe that a bank can just pay you for protecting yourself. They know how much people needs money and how desperate they are when it comes to money. They will go there get vaccinated and nothing will be given in return. Maybe it's just a polite way of forcing people to vaccinate.

There's nothing wrong about taking a vaccination as we all know that this vaccine will save our lives, it will save us from dying and I also encourage people to get vaccinated so that we can all go back to our normal lives not worrying about corona virus anymore but people shouldn't be tricked by money. Those who see the need to vaccinate, they will take the vaccine.

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