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Fully Vaccinated Activist, Vaccine Advocate, Yusuf Abramjee Is Down With Covid-19 Complications

One of South Africa’s outspoken anti-crime activists, Yusuf Abramjee, on Thursday revealed that he was isolated after contracting Covid-19. The activist who had been very vocal about Coronavirus vaccine has taken the full dose and is certified fully vaccinated, but he still got the virus, and he is currently isolated. The anti-crime activist who is followed on Twitter by numerous people is advocating for every single person in South Africa to be vaccinated shortly before he got the virus. He might not be worried because according to the ministry of health, those who are vaccinated have higher chances of survival and recovering than unvaccinated people. Furthermore, they have said that once vaccinated, the chances of getting the virus is very tiny. It is just unfortunate that Mr Yusuf Abramjee is among that tiny group that will still get the virus despite being vaccinated. His friends and family, including well-wishers and his numerous Twitter followers whom he regularly keeps updated on crime happenings, have been praying earnestly for his quick and speedy recovery, saying they miss him.

Furthermore, with the emergence of the recently discovered Covid-19 Variant, omicron, the government is at the verge of enforcing a compulsory vaccination. Of course, many countries believe that this variant originated from South Africa because many people there refuse to be vaccinated. However, different people, especially South Africans have come out to debunk such insinuations, saying that South Africa merely exposed the variant because it's been existing since and people are not even aware of it. They noted that the world ought to be grateful to South Africa for bringing this to their notice.

The crime journalist narrated his ordeal, “I tested positive last week after experiencing some very mild symptoms for two days: slight fever, cough and body aches. But, it quickly disappeared. Luckily, I tested and two rapid tests and two PCR later, it all showed positive,” hopefully, he will get better because he is fully vaccinated. However, it is still important to know that fully vaccinated people can still get the virus and die. Therefore, one must in addition to the vaccine use nose masks, practice hygiene and stay away from crowds and everywhere one might think is not safe. Prevention is better than cure. 

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