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Only People who take the vaccine should get the SRD Grant. Opinion.

One of the bigger debate going around South Africa right now is how to get people to take the vaccine. Vaccine hesitancy is currently a huge issue, people do not want to take the vaccine for several reasons, the most prevalent being fake news and conspiracy theories. However there may be a way to change their minds. Below is one possible solution, tell me what you think about it in the comments.

Give the people something in return ;

Other countries around the world are incentivising people to take the vaccine. Meaning that when a person takes the vaccine, the Government gives them something in return. While South Africa is looking at mandatory vaccines, this may actually be a better way. However South Africa isn't a particularly rich Country, so what can they give away in exchange for the vaccine.

Many people have been calling for the Sassa SRD grant to become permanent and I think that's what should be offered. The Government should make the Sassa SRD Grant permanent, however only for people who take the vaccine. This would require people to reregister for the permanent grant and use their vaccine certificate to do this. For everyone else the grant should end on the normal date it's set to end. Here are the implications of this.

This would mean that South Africans would get permanent help from the Government, but only those who are helping to keep themselves and others safe. The vaccinated would also help to jumpstart the economy which would also provide more money to put into the SRD grant. While I understand that there will be a lot of push back against this idea I truly believe that those who help save South Africa are the ones who should be helped. What do you think of this opinion, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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