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The unvaccinated banned from nightclubs in France

Corona virus changed how people lived. Who would have thought shaking hands and standing closer to each other would be a thing of the past?

The corona virus pandemic has reached almost every country in the world. Its spread has left national economies and businesses counting the costs, as governments struggle with new lockdown measures to tackle the spread of the virus.

Despite the development of new vaccines, many are still wondering what recovery could look like because many people have lost their jobs or seen their incomes cut and it is not a good thing especially for breadwinners.

Unemployment rates have increased across major economies. Will there ever be a recovery from this?

There are countries that have already introduced vaccine passports to curb the infection of this pandemic. Sadly, alcohol drinkers who have not vaccinated are not permitted in nightclubs in France. The admittance to night clubs in France is by vaccine passports only. The unvaccinated were banned since July. Is this even fair?

According to my point of view, governments are indirectly coercing people to vaccinate. Soon they will surely say the unvaccinated are not allowed to buy food.

Germany has already put major restrictions on people who have not vaccinated. Germany's national and regional leaders have agreed to bar unvaccinated people from much of public life in a bid to fend off a fourth wave of Covid-19. Restrictions will see only people who have been vaccinated, or those who can evidence a recent recovery from the virus, able to go into restaurants, pubs, cinemas, gyms, cultural events and non-essential shops. The protocols are already in place in several German regions with the highest cases.

There is also growing concern about the spread of the Omicron variant, which EU health officials warn is likely to cause over half of all Covid cases in the next few months.

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