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“You should Stop Wearing Your mask”- The Famous Prophet Sends a Strong Warning to the Public-Opinion


Sometimes being too careful isn't always precise. We are attempting so difficult to guard ourselves from the Corona virus in a manner that we become hurting ourselves. A few weeks ago, we heard that there has been a girl who burned her frame at the same time as seeking to steam due to worry of the virus. We have visible such a lot of tales of diverse consequences that happened at the same time as humans are looking to guard themselves from the virus.



As the authorities urges human beings to take all precautionary measures, carrying is a have to, and sanitizing is one of the precautions that we take nearly each day of our lives, that is why we talk to it as the brand new normal.

Following all this new normal, the famous prophet is caution humans to prevent sporting their mask for the entire 24 hours as it isn't always exact for his or her health. A masks blocks you from getting clean oxygen, and in case you put on it for too long, it damages your lungs due to the fact they’ll be missing oxygen. Yes, you need to put on your masks, however from time to time whilst you are alone, you need to take it off and get a few clean air.

According to black_media," We should also warn our elderly to stop wearing masks when they are alone, because the more they get old, their organs start weakening too, so if an elderly person doesn’t breath in fresh oxygen for a long time, it can lead to various lung diseases."

OPINION: Wearing of mask was made to make you sick and breathe your carbon dioxide and they wouldn't tell you because they want you perished.

What do you say about this matter?

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