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The Nurse who is passionate about her job received appreciation on social media.

Reputable source: Meet Tebogo Mofokeng a dedicated nurse from... - Black Capitalist | Facebook

The Nurse who is so passionate about her work received a lot of love from social media after she was captured working with the baby on her back.

Her Name is Tebogo Mofokeng and is working as a hardworking and dedicated nurse from Lydenburg Hospital. She loves babies and she was blessed to work in the department of babies.

She just sees other nurses working and sitting down, she stands up and takes the sick baby from the parent and gives love to the baby. She does not have a problem if the child can make her white uniform dirty because she knows that she is at work and she is supposed to be dirty anyway.

This lady is considered one of the women who are hard workers in this world.

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