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Beautiful nurse says she takes her ARV medication on time.

Angel she's one of the well known HIV activist with her being chubby there's definitely a doubt of her being HIV positive.

There's always challenges of chubby ladies.

it is definitely not easy to be chubby and fearless with the stigma that most people believe about Chubby ladies that they are lazy and can't do certain things.

It is only if you can believe in yourself that you will able to be fearless about your body that you can be able to be yourself also around people and to also have confidence.

For most of the chubby woman they find it difficult to deal with certain challenges of man as many of them get the attention of man mostly the responses are bad and it can affect the self-esteem of chubby ladies.

Angel is one of the chubby lady who's fearless and also she's willing to show off her healthy body to the world she's healthy and taking care of her body.

She wants to encourage more Chubby ladies to be courageous and always look for opportunities to create something valuable for plus size woman.

For most of the ladies they find it difficult to accept the shape of their bodies.

Some ladies who are HIV positive didn't hide their status to the public they were able to tell the world about them being HIV positive.

The only encouraging thing that they said to people is to get tested to be able to know your HIV status and also to take medication for them to be able to live a more healthy lifestyle.

It is possible for someone who's HIV to live a life that is healthy taking medication can give you a better life.

Wth the rate of the HIV positive increasing in South Africa it important to take care of yourself and follow the right path as this measure will also protect the once that are around you.

Angel is one of the ladies that always encouraging people to take their medication on time and also be able to tell the people around you about your status.

breaking the stigma of being afraid of being HIV will give more people information to be able to protect themselves and be able to also care for the people around them.


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Angel Chubby HIV South Africa


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