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Adv Dali Mpofu| Others Will be Forced to Vaccinate

You voted for them. Very soon they will tell you "No Jab, No Job." Others will be forced to vaccinate and you will be calling us non-stop. That’s a good punishment for those who voted the ANC thinking they are clever or hurting the EFF, Imagine being forced to take a jab but you will still contract this airborne virus, what is the real point point of this jab? A virus that can be destroyed by sanitizer people do like EFF but the boarder less policy scared them and decided to vote some other parties, I think EFF must apologize to people of South Africa for that because people believe that EFF want to sellout this country to foreigners

The ink is not even dry yet on the ballot paper and here in Mdantsane they were protesting, for the removal of their trusted ANC councillor. Majority of South Africans are not honest to themselves, they love complaining to the EFF and voting the Anc, but when it matters most that they should give EFF more power to solve their problems they continue to delay the EFF, by giving it problems to solve and vote otherwise

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ANC Dali Mpofu| EFF Jab South Africa


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