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Important: 124 year old South African shares how to extend life for 20 years

A South African woman, Sefi Oyeyemi, who was born in Durban in 1896. Sefi, Who she lived more than her peers explains and shares how to extend life for 20 years.

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In the South African records, she is listed as the oldest living person in the world. On March 14, 2021 she turned 124 year old. Sefi managed outlive not only her peers but also many who are under her age.

The great grandmother regularly undergoes medical check ups. And every year the doctors say she is as healthy as a horse.

Photo: google photos

The elderly woman lives in her wooden house, which was built by her late husband. She takes care of the residence, has a garden she takes care of and cares for her life stock, chickens and goats.

When she was asked how she manages to do all of that in her age, she revealed how to extend life for more than 20 years. She said it is all about clean blood vessels, ever since then we have been sure that clean vessels are the key to excellence health.

Therefore the secret to live long lies in the blood vessels.


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