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JUST IN: Here is what to expect from the upcoming Level 1 of Lockdown- News24

More than anything else at this moment, the South Africans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of level 1 lockdown by President Cyril Ramaphosa. As much as people are looking forward to this exciting news with bated breath, it should also be recognized as a major worry that a Level 1 improvement does not ensure that life will return to normal at 100 percent. Although life may have returned to normal at a 100 percent stage in the short term, in the event that an antibody or cure is discovered, we will need to take measures to safeguard ourselves in the long term.

Level 1 is very likely to occur very quickly. Here are two laws that are very important and that will be repealed soon.

(1) The world's geographical borders will be dissolved. Although the most exciting legislation that would be changed during Level 1 Shutdown is that international borders would be opened, this is not the most important. There have been a number of businesses halted, and many individuals are unable to do business since the doors have been closed. Oh, excellent news for us, since the frontier will be opened after the completion of the level 1 lockout period.

(2) The curfew will be lifted throughout the country. One particularly intriguing development that may occur after the Level 1 lockout is the abolition of the national curfew! Aah, at long last, we have achieved freedom!

Here are a few more laws that may be passed in the future.

(a) A Level 1 lockout would need the implementation of more rigorous exercises. There will be no end to the number of individuals who place a high value on religious buildings and mosques.

(b) Even today, in the midst of all of these wonderful aspects, it will be necessary to proceed with caution. Despite the fact that some individuals find the cloak's use to be very unpleasant, any pressure that causes them to lose their design style is unacceptable. Despite these criticisms, the use of cloth would be difficult to eliminate under level 1 restrictions.

The practice of hand cleaning will also take place at this time so that hand washing is accessible and official places may continue to be used immediately under level 1. Regardless of the circumstances, we should be thankful since a large number of lives have been lost. South Africa, on the other hand, has reached a development stage of 88 percent.

Keep safe!

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