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IN SHOCK|| See Places unvaccinated citizen can’t be allowed to enter as it was revealed this morning


Deputy President David Mabuza recently noted that many events that people enjoy attending, such as the Durban July, will require a vaccinated country to open. 

Mabuza David 

Despite the government's efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible in order for the country to achieve herd immunity, the controversy over whether or not to take the vaccine continues to be the most contentious issue in the world today. 

Children from 6 months to 17 years old will receive Covid-19 booster doses as part of the government's last immunization implementation phase. 

This means that anti-vaxxers will not take their children to vaccination sites or clinics for booster shots, putting the country at risk. 

According to Minister of Health Joe Phaahla, the government is considering offering vaccinated persons more freedom, in addition to providing pro-vaxxers with vaccination certificates that will be linked to the computerized vaccination data system. For one thing, they may be permitted to attend football matches in stadiums. 

Joe Phaahla is a character in the film Joe Phahla. 

Anti-vaxxers were furious, claiming that the government is oppressing them as a result of their decisions. They go on to say that vaccinated people are constantly pushing their decisions on others, and that they are serving as unpaid marketing representatives for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson by photographing themselves getting vaccinated and bullying unvaccinated people. 

Unfortunately, anti-vaxxers will be denied entrance to more than just stadiums. According to reports, during Mike Mabuyakhulu's corruption trial, a Durban judge will not allow anyone who has not been vaccinated into his courtroom. Before entering the court, visitors will be asked to show their immunization cards. 

How many people must be vaccinated before our law enforcement and crime prevention organizations start dealing with people who steal billions from the public purse, given that it will take a vaccinated nation to open up events? Will a vaccinated country be required to locate the missing billions? 

Democracy is being pushed to its limits by the law. Unvaccinated persons are being discriminated against by the law and the government, despite the fact that the vaccine is not required.

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