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A High Profiled Doctor Reveals Why Vaccination Should Be Done At It's Early Stage


Numerous researches and reviews has been made for the update on Covid19 in South Africa. And it shows that out of 100 percent of South Africans, only 20 percentage has been vaccinated. This simply means South Africa as a whole is likely to be a comfort zone for Covid19. Following the news update a doctor said that one of his patient is going through some severe illness, after discovering some Covid19 symptoms, just because she didn't get vaccinated at the right time. He wrote, "A patient in the ER just asked me for a booster shot. Unfortunately she was very confused. Because her oxygen was low. Because she had severe Covid. Because she never had her first vaccine dose. Our top priority must remain vaccinating those who haven’t yet gotten their shots."

The vaccine gives the body a head start by having antibodies ready to fight, without it the body gets behind in creating enough antibodies to fight the huge deadly Covid viral load. Some workplaces are flooded with non Vaccinated Covid19 patients. Vaccines are available and free everywhere. Yet we refuse. Sorry, but It will be better to get a booster to protect ourselves in the covid filled air.

Again in South Africa, the government has made up their minds to make sure all her people gets vaccinated by implementing strict rules and regulations for the non Vaccinated indigence. Which will definitely affect more live, causing job loss and other things. In numbers of city and villages people are loosing their family members due to the virus.

I think some people who needed the vaccines has gotten vaccinated already. If you make an application for Covid19 Vaccine you will definitely get yours as quick as possible. So we need to get booster shots to the people who believes in vaccines. Please do get vaccinated.

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