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5 Things about ALCOHOL that you need to know NOW.

Alcohol is one of the things most South Africans enjoy and consume, but most are not even aware of how it can affect their overall health. It is important for people to become aware of the dangers that alcohol posses and how it could be detrimental to their health especially for the youth.

SavannaCider on Twitter: "Savanna does not encourage binge drinking or any  kind of risky behavior, we ask that people to pace themselves and know  their limit, slow down and don't binge drink.…

1. It affects the brains health

Alcohol interferes with the brain’s communication pathways because it is a stimulant , and it could affect how the structure of the brain is and its function. this alters/changes how the person is feeling and their behavior. Alcohol and makes it difficult to think clearly and move with coordination, this is the reason why people who are drunk tend to slouch

2. The Pancreas

Alcohol causes the pancreas to release and excrete a lot of harmful and  toxic substances which will  eventually cause pancreatitis, a dangerous inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels that occurs within the pancreas. The pancreas is there to release insulin and glycogen which are hormones that aid in the digestion of food. Having pancreatitis is bad as it disables proper digestion proper digestion.

Pancreatitis And Alcohol: Long-Term Effects Of Ethanol On Pancreas

3. Facial Skin (Phuza Face)

People who drink alcohol too often tend to have faces which look much older than their age. People who consume too much alcohol develop droopy eyes and facial features which ends in them having to put on lots of make up to cover up their saggy skin.

4. The Liver

This is the organ which is mostly affected by alcohol. Heavy drinking could lead to all kinds of problems like the inflammation of the liver. It could include several other problems like Steatosis, or fatty liver Alcoholic hepatitis, Fibrosis and Cirrhosis. These can be fatal to the overall health of an individual.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Risk Factor for Liver Cancer

5. Addiction

Its very common for people to become dependent or addicted to alcohol. This is often due to the prolonged use of alcohol. Most people are not aware of their dependency until they are told by the peers or family. It is often tragic as it could lead to multiple problems, like selling household items to buy alcohol or prostitution, even job loss.

Alcoholic Addiction Social Issue Substance Abuse Stock Illustration -  Download Image Now - iStock

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