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The importance of thanking our god and our ancestors.


Emampondweni (Port St Johns)there is a sacred place of healing called Isinuka.

The place has sulphur healing pools, three different types for different purposes.

At Isinuka there are also caves with white mud for healing skin problems.

And in one of the pools, a pool with naturally boiling healing water (the water boils but its not hot), there's black mud also used for the skin.

And then there is the sacred stone hole on the ground (Kaaba) which serves as a spring for the Isinuka drinking water.

The stone hole on the ground is shaped like the womb.

You have to climb a steep hill to reach to the healing waters, sacred pools and black mud.

People with all kinds of illnesses visit Isinuka yearly to get healed here.

In one of our visits around 2008 an elderly mama told us how she got healed of HIV/AIDS using Isinuka.

After several people were cured of many diseases using Isinuka researchers and the government wanted to commercialize Isinuka.

They built a fence around Isinuka and put a tap where the water came out.

Isinuka waters dried up. The mud caves dried up. The taps rusted and the water came out outside the fence.

And they tried luck again. And Isinuka dried up again.

They could not commercialize Isinuka.

The water tastes salty with a strong smell of sulphur which smells like a thousand rotten eggs in one.

The water, the pools, the mud all make up Isinuka and they have powerful healing qualities.

We give thanks to our Gods and Ancestors for ISINUKA. ~Thandolwethu

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